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What We Do

We put clothing in baskets and smiles on faces. We’re the developers of SwipeFashion — Your BFF in the world of the online clothing shopping experience

SwipeFashion gives you the ability to accurately view garments fitted and sized onto your own unique body, prior to an online purchase. All from the palm of your hand, trusting the clothing you order online fits you - as expected.

Seeing Is Believing

Real garments fitted and sized on your unique body.

The Global Problem

SwipeFashion solves an enormous and expensive retail problem; apparel returns due to wrong size / wrong fit. The company’s patented hardware and software solution uniquely succeeds where multiple software-only approaches have failed.
The market for SwipeFashion’s innovative solution is substantial, and spans the entire clothing industry, from designer to manufacturer to retailer. Why? It is extremely difficult to collect accurate size / fit garment data due to varying fabrics, patterns, weaves and stretch. Throw in zippers, buttons, pockets and distinct body shapes and there you have the challenge.
Accuracy is critical to reduce return costs, reduce wrong size / wrong fit frustration, and reduce lost sales due to lack of consumer confidence in current online approaches to communicating fit. Clothing displayed on a rigid mannequin or model, accompanied by simple measurements (e.g. inseam), does not convey how it will look, hang and fit on a particular body type.

Costly and Frustrating

In 2020, in the US alone, the estimated cost of clothing returns was $550 B. Retailers lose an estimated 1/3 of their revenue to returns. Sizing charts vary by brand, and even within brands (Arc’teryx, for example)

Why the Consumer Benefits

Accurate sizing, accurate fit, strong visual presentation of an apparel item displayed on the consumer, push technology of new daily offerings to consumer based on filters (size, style, and trend, season). The consumer can interact their data file with family, friends, fashion stylists, designers, brands, and retailers to facilitate a better online shopping experience.

Why The Designer, Brand, or Retailer Benefits

The technology platform provides accurate sizing and fit which reduces customer returns, increases customer satisfaction, thereby increasing Manufacturer’s profitability. Push notification technology showcases a Manufacturer’s new offerings on the consumer’s unique 3D model.

Carbon Reduction And Extended Apparel Life Cycle

SwipeFashion helps to reduce the global carbon footprint. By satisfying correct size/correct fit for the consumer, this reduces apparel item returns or reduces the practice of consumers ordering multiple sizes of an item, then returning the items that don’t fit. Returned items must be cleaned and redistributed. Many returns go to landfills. The transportation of this process is very costly in terms of hydrocarbon emissions. SwipeFashion also allows apparel purchasers to resell their garments online to consumers who have a similar size and fit profile. This reuse/renewed program extends the lifecycle of the apparel item multiple times prior to the final stage of goodwill or landfill.

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